Do now: Min. of 5 lines…Which element of culture


Do now: Min. of 5 lines…Which element of culture is most important to you and why?

Today, I will successfully (43/50 min) locate the 50 states. I will identify key elements of culture in the

Arctic and Subarctic regions of North America

Homework: Read and annotate* the Northeast,

Southeast and Plains region.

* (take notes and identify elements of culture)

What defines a group’s way of life.

Social Organization: Loosely defined social classes, low, middle, high

Customs and Traditions: Hot Dogs and Fireworks on the 4 th of July. Remembrance of 9-11-01

Religion: Judeo-Christian roots, but freedom to practice mostly anything.

Language: Not official  English

Arts and Literature: Highly valued

Forms of government: Currently, democratic-republic, originally republic

Economic systems: mixed (parts socialism and free enterprise)

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Don’t help people cheat (cover up your work)

Eyes on your paper (your cheating)

Cheating will result in a 0 and a call home!

Don’t leave anything blank, don’t quit, everyone has a brain…Use it!!!!

Once your quiz continue reading about Native

American culture.

These people were heavily influenced by their environment.

Eskimo-Aleut language family

Population small and scattered

Inuits  nomadic hunters

Aleuts  settled, small fishing villages

Homes made of sod/timber, in the extreme north  Ice.

Seal and otter skins were well insolated and waterproof.

Swampy, piney forests  colder region  inland

Alaska and Canada.

Western: Athabaskan speakers

Easter: Algonquian speakers

Used toboggans, snowshoes, and lightweight canoes for travel.

Sparsely populated

Small family groups hunted caribou  lived in easy to move tents. Also lived in underground dugouts.

Europeans interaction: economic/cultural shift from subsistence living to profit living