It's Wrong To Copy

First Grade
Library Skills #13
Wrong to copy from one
cards to answer the
following questions or
Question 1
My friend and I do our
social studies homework
together and share answers.
Are we cheating?
Question 2
Can I ask my teacher how
to spell a word when I am
writing a sentence?
Question 3
My teacher told us to write
a story. I use the same
topic as my friend.
Am I cheating?
Question 4
We are coloring a picture
during our free time. I
use the same colors as
my friend.
Am I cheating?
Question 5
I do not know the answer to a
question for science so I
look at my friend’s paper.
Am I cheating?
Question 6
If I copy a math problem
from my friend, am I
Will I know how to the math
problem next time?
Question 7
I used the sentence in the
dictionary for my spelling
Is this cheating?
Question 8
My teacher wants us to
write our own fairy tale.
Can I use a story I
found online?
Question 9
It is o.k. to copy school work
from a friend if I was absent
and need to catch up on
my homework?
Question 10
We are supposed to write about
something fun we like to do
during the summer.
It is cheating to use an idea I
saw in a movie even though I
have never done it?
Question 11
Will copying from my
friend make me smarter?
Question 12
Will copying from my
friends help me learn?
Question 13
Will I get into trouble if
my teacher finds out I
Question 14
Will my parents be proud
of me if they learn I
Question 15
Can cheating affect the
grade I get?