AP US Government and Politics Cheating Policy

AP US Government and Politics
Cheating Policy
Cheat: (n) a fraud; swindle; (vt) to foil or elude; (vt) to be dishonest or deceitful.
Webster’s New World Dictionary, Simon and Schuster. 1995.
Cheating will not be tolerated in AP US Government and Politics class.
Any form of gaining information from another source without documenting where the
information came from is cheating. Gaining information directly from another student
without participating in the information gathering practice is cheating. Looking upon
another student’s paper during testing is cheating. All forms of plagiarism are considered
Cheating in this class can result in removal from the class and assignment to a “regular”
government class as soon as the administration can get the change done.
For further information, please refer to the PVHS Student Handbook Discipline Policy
This information sheet and the initial discussion of this policy constitute the only warning
a student will receive.