RESEARCH: Resource Use in the Local or Global Community

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RESEARCH: Resource Use in the Local or Global Community
DIRECTIONS: You will conduct research on how other people use this resource. Look
for statistics or other data on how much of this resource is used per day, week,
month, or year either in our local community (Bethesda, Montgomery County, or the
state of Maryland), nationally, or globally. Make sure you cite each source of
information that you use (just like you have done in your World Studies projects!).
1. Is this resource a natural resource or a man-made resource? Explain.
2. Is this resource renewable or non-renewable? Explain.
3. How does my resource use compare to how other people use this resource?
Use facts from your research to compare your use of this resource to how other people use this
resource. Your response should include a comparison of your personal resource use data (from
your data chart) to statistics on US or global data from your research. Make sure to cite the
source of each statistic you include!
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4. How does our use of this resource impact the environment?
Explain how the use of this resource impacts the environment. Your response should include
statistics and details from your research and should address some of the following questions:
How do we obtain this resource? Explain in detail where this resource comes from, and
how we get it. Include any processing that we do to the resource in order to make it
What pollution results from our use of this resource? (Keep in mind: Pollution may result
from any of the processes of obtaining, using, or disposing of a resource.) Identify specific
pollutants that result from our use of this resource, and explain in detail how they impact
the environment.
What happens to this resource when we finish with it? Explain in detail where it goes. (Is
any wasted? Is any recycled?)
5. What can people do to minimize their impact?
Through your research, identify several specific ways that people can reduce their use of this
resource, or minimize their impact on the environment when they use this resource. For each
recommendation you give, cite the source where you found it.