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Tools for Space Exploration Extra Credit Project

Name: __________________________________
Unit 4 Space Technology Project Standard: 8.ETS1.2 Research and communicate information to describe how data from
technologies (telescopes, spectroscopes, satellites, and space probes) provide information about objects in the solar system and
Extra Credit Opportunity: *If you create, research, and thoroughly answer (about a paragraph) the questions below related to this
standard (see above) about your selected technology, you can earn up to 10 extra credit points in the assessment category.
Instructions: Select 1 of the 8 technologies you just researched and further your understanding by completing the extra credit
project: Hubble Space telescope, Terrestrial telescope, Spectroscope, Space Probe, Space Rover, Voyager 1 & 2, Reflective Satellite,
or Space Shuttle.
IN YOUR OWN WORDS, explain the following: DO NOT COPY INFORMATION and cite your source of information.
Which technology did you
What does your chosen
technology look like? Draw
and label an image in this
Source: (cite your source)
What was your chosen
technology designed to be
able to do?
Source: (cite your source)
What have Scientists
actually used your chosen
technology for?
Source: (cite your source)
Where would/could your
chosen technology be used
in the Universe?
Source: (cite your source)
How has your chosen
technology improved our
understanding of the
Source: (cite your source)
Name: __________________________________