Assignment: Brain Name:

Assignment: Brain
In this section you have read excerpts from many different research areas about
the impact of exercise on the brain and your mood. Now you should complete
some of your own research.
1. Select one of the research claims that you read about in this unit, or a
similar claim that you've heard or read about.
2. Complete some online research of your own about the topic you selected.
3. Write the following:
a. Are there any other research studies that support these claims?
o Cite the studies
o Describe how they support the claims.
b. Are there any research studies that refute these claims?
o Cite the studies
o Describe how they refute the claims.
c. Does the research seem valid? Explain why.
d. If you were a researcher, what are three questions that you would ask
about this topic to further future research studies? (For example one
of the research claims is that exercise can influence new stem cell
growth. One question that might need to be asked is: Are the results
the same in adults as well as in growing children that exercise?)