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: J0562 / Management
: 2010
Human Resouce
Pertemuan 8 (Eighth Meeting)
Learning Outcome
Student should be able to formulate the
implementation of recruitment,
training, and evaluation of employees
in an effective and efficient manner -> C4
Learning Outline
• Human Resource Planning
• Give Equal Opportunity
• Compensation Package Offered by Company
• Develop Employee Expertise
• Employee Performance Evaluation
3. Human Resource Planning:
a. Forecast the Need of Human Resource
b. Work Analysis
1) Job specification
2) Job description
c. Recruitment
1) Internal recruitment
2) External recruitment
3) Selection process
a) Administrative
b) Interview
c) To communicate with applicant’s
d) Employment test
e) To decide
4. Give Equal Opportunity
a. Federal Law Relate to Discrimination
1) The Equal Pay Act - 1963
2) The Civil Right Act - 1964
3) The Age Discrimination in Employment
Act -1967 > 1978
4) The American with Dissabilities Act - 1990
5) The Civil Right Act - 1991
b. Diversity Incentive
5. Compensation Package Offered by Company
a. Salary
b. Stock Option
c. Commissions
d. Bonus
e. Profit Sharing
f. Employee Benefits
g. Perquisites
6. Develop Employee Expertise
a. Technical skill
b. Decision Making Skill
c. Customer Service Skill
d. Safety Skill
e. Human Relations Skill
7. Employee Performance Evaluation
a. Segmentation of Evaluation into Criterias
b. Using Performance Evaluation Form
c. To Weight to Criteria
d. Steps to Evaluate Employees Properly
e. Action as Result of Performance Evaluation
f. Sue Against of Fired Employees
g. Supervisor Evaluation by Employees