A Proposed Theology of Technology

A Proposed Theology of Technology
We believe God created man in His image, to be in relationships with
human beings, and not to substitute these relationships with machines.
We believe God is Sovereign over all science, including digital
technology, which has been designed to be a tool that serves humanity,
not an idol that we serve.
We seek to foster respect for our human limitations and reject
innovations that conflict with our Biblical ethics, and values,
and any application that violates God’s creation.
We acknowledge all the benefits that digital technology can offer,
but want to raise awareness of the many applications
and uses that are destructive.
We seek to redeem and steward our digital technology
for the glory of God.
This stewardship will require establishing clear boundaries and honest
assessment and accountability of our digital usage.
Dr. Sylvia Hart Frejd
Dr. Archibald Hart