Contract Law

Contract Law
Course description:
The objective of the discipline "Contract Law" is acquiring sufficient theoretical
knowledge and practical skills in the compilation and analysis of civil contracts, using various
instruments of the legal regulation of contractual relations to allow a secure quality regulatory
support for business.
Instructor: Udalova, Natalia M.
Credit points: 4
Faculty: Faculty of Law
Language: Russian
Level: Master
Academic hours: 64
1. Contract law as a branch of law, science, course
2. Sources of contract law
3. Concept and content of the contractual relationship. The nature and content of the
4. Finally, the order, amendment and termination of the contract
5. Features of the contract, the methods of contract enforcement
6. Sale contract
7. Lease contract
8. Contractual agreement
9. Paid services agreement
10. Contract of carriage and freight forwarding
11. Storage agreement
12. Agency contract, commission agreement, agency agreement
13. Loan agreements, credit and accounts receivable financing requirements
14. Insurance contract
15. Property management agreement
16. Other agreements
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