BTT101 – Unit 5 - Database/Microsoft Access 1. Open Access

BTT101 – Unit 5 - Database/Microsoft Access
Lesson 2 - Entering data in a Table
Open Access
Use ‘Open’ on right side to retrieve your saved database (Databasepractice) from Database folder.
Your table name appears under Tables in the Navigation Pane
Double click on the table to open it
Table with all fields appears in the Objects Pane
6. This view/screen is referred to as the data sheet view – where you enter data.
*You can switch to design view (where you built the table) using the View icon
located just below the File tab (top left side of screen)
Start entering your records for 10 customers by filing in the fields using
appropriate Data Types. You will have to make up the customers information.
*Please remember for any data that is not part of a calculation (e.g telephone number, age, postal
code, etc.. you must use the Short Text option as your data type).
Use Tab on your keyboard to switch back/forth from fields within a record.
To get back on/edit a field, click on the desired field and change accordingly. When editing a ‘pencil
icon’ will appear to the left (in the gray area) of the record which is being edited.
Note when you are in data sheet view, Access saves your work automatically as you enter data.