1C News Important Dates for February Feb. 12—Valentine’s Party

1C News
Important Dates for February
Feb. 12—Valentine’s Party
Feb. 15—No School-President’s Day
Dear Parents:
Happy February! Things here in first grade are really going well. Miss Covic is
doing most of the teaching with me being more a helping hand or monitor and the kids
are responding well to her teaching. Today is our 100th day but in first grade we
celebrate the 120th day since that is what we are required to count to by the end of
the year.
In math, we will be beginning telling time to the hour and ½ hour next week.
We have also started fact reviews (a 45 second timed test of addition facts) every
Tuesday and Thursday. Any extra help you can give your child in learning these facts
whether it be flash cards, computer games, iPad apps, etc. would be greatly
appreciated. In reading we continue to focus on big idea and details, with the big idea
being “what the story is mostly about,” and a detail just a part of the story. In
spelling rather than testing the sight words we have begun testing on writing skills.
The students are given a sentence and they have 3 points which they can earn—
capitalization, punctuation and correct spacing.
Finally, the Valentine’s party will be next Friday, February 12th. I’ve attached a
class list again just to make sure you have a valentine for every student. Please make
sure that your child has a valentine for every child in the class so that there are no
hurt feelings. There are no parent helpers for this party since it is a little more low
Please continue to make sure your child is dressed appropriately for the
weather. As always if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact
me with an email, a note or a phone call or stop by at lunch time (12:00-1:00).
Have a great week!
Mr. Corbett