Monday Memo Mr. Palumbo February 1, 2016 -Class Agenda-

Monday Memo
Mr. Palumbo
February 1, 2016
-Class AgendaReading – We are finishing up our books in our guided reading groups. We will start our
new reading project, Cereal Box Book Report. Students will read a nonfiction book and
create a Cereal box design for it.
Word Study – No new words this week. New words will start back up next week.
Writing – We have started of product advertisements using the 4 types of sentences.
Math – Division Unit test Thursday. We are going focus on review problems this week and
also do some practice word problems. Also it is really important that students still practice
their multiplication facts while we work on long division. (Reflex Math and Dream Box
should be complete at home at least once this week.)
Science – Solar system unit. Our last week with the solar system. We will start weather at
the end of the week.
January Calendar:
Moon Quiz- Wednesday Feb. 4
Division Unit test- Friday Feb. 4
Semester Awards – Friday Feb. 12 at 11:30 to 12:00
-Reminders1. The moveable Teacher Workday is now this Friday, February 5th.
2. Report cards will now come home on Friday, February 12th.
3. We will have a time at the end of the day on the Friday before Valentine’s Day
(February 12th) to pass out and share Valentine Cards. No candy can be attached to
the Valentines! Please refer to our class list on my website to make sure the
students remember everyone in our class!
4. Reading Logs will be due this Thursday!
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