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Age of Jackson Study Guide
1. The Women’s Rights’ movement first began _____________________ in 1848 with the idea of getting
more rights for women in voting, participation in government, ownership of property, and jobs.
2. John Q. Adams appointed Henry Clay as his ____________ after the election of 1824.
3. Andrew Jackson’s group of advisers were known as the ______________.
4. Who was known as Tippecanoe after his defeat of the Native Americans there?
5. The Panic of 1837 led to _______.
6. The Nullification Crisis was triggered by strong opposition to the
7. What group was most hurt by Jackson's removal policy?
8. What was the “Corrupt Bargain” during the Election of 1824?
9. What political party was later known as the Whig party?
10. What type of people did Andrew Jackson appeal to?
11. A private meeting is called a _______________.
12. ___________ means to withdraw from the Union.
13. ____________ were referred to as state banks that federal money was put into because Andrew Jackson
didn’t want all of the federal money in one National Bank.
14. The practice of giving jobs to loyal supporters is _______________.
15. What means the right to vote?
16. Who was the first Vice-president to take over the office of President with out being elected?
17. The election of 1824 was known as a ______________.
18. An abomination is something that is ____________.
19. “Our Federal Union---it must be preserved” was said by ______________.
20. The Panic of 1837 occurred during the presidency of _____________.
21. The Tariff of 1828 was liked by Western farmers and
22. To nullify is to ___________.
23. President Andrew Jackson gave government jobs to people who __________________.
24. Why did three times as many people vote in the presidential election of 1828 as voted in 1824?
25. Some people refer to the national government as the
26. Who has the sole power of impeachment?
27. Each member of the House of Representatives is elected for a term of how many years?
28. What are the “enumerated” powers of the federal government?
29. What are the qualifications for holding the office for a Senator?
30. Who brought tobacco to Jamestown?
31. What was the lawmaking body of Virginia called?
32. What were the laws passed by England to limit America’s trade and to help them make more money?
33. A system set up in which the colonies sole purpose was to make money for England was
34. What did the Proclamation of 1763 do?
35. The writers built safeguards into the Constitution so one branch could not dominate the others. This is
36. The compromise between the New Jersey Plan and the Virginia plan was called the
37. John Locke believed that people had a natural right to life, liberty, and
38. Both the federal and state government have the powers to
39. People who favored the Constitution were called
40. Favored by most large-states delegates; representation would be based on population
41. What was the solution for counting enslaved persons towards representation in the states?
42. What act increased the time required to become a citizen of the U.S. from 5 to 14 yrs.?
43. Which amendment ended slavery?
44. Which amendment gave women the right to vote?
45. Which amendment lowered the voting age from 21 to 18?
46. What was the tax on imports citizens had to pay?
47. What treaty allowed American ships to use the lower Mississippi River and the port of New Orleans?
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