Unit 3 - Recall and Reflect Questions Chapter 8 (p. 228)

Unit 3 - Recall and Reflect Questions
Chapter 8 (p. 228)
1. How did the War of 1812 stimulate the economy?
2. What were the reasons for the rise of sectional differences in this era? What attempts were made to
resolve these differences? How successful were those attempts?
3. Why was the Monroe Doctrine proclaimed?
4. What was the significance of Andrew Jackson’s victory in the election of 1828?
Chapter 9 (p. 252)
1. What was the essence Andrew Jackson’s political philosophy, and how was it reflected in the policies
and actions of his administration?
2. Who benefitted under Jacksonian democracy? Who suffered? How?
3. How did Andrew Jackson change the office of the presidency?
4. Who supported and who opposed the Bank of the United States, and why? Who was right?
5. How and why did white attitudes toward Native Americans change, and how did these changes lead to
the Indian Removal Act and the Trail of Tears?