Reading News Reading Recovery From Mrs. Hassinger

Reading News
Mrs. Hassinger
Room 200
3rd Grade
Guided Reading Plus
We have been working on
summarizing. As part of this
work, we have been discussing
the main idea and details.
Knowing the main idea helps in
summarizing the text.
Question prompts that will help
you child summarize might be:
• What did you learn after
reading that section?
• What’s important about
this story/text?
Reading Recovery
First and foremost, thank you
parents for taking the time to
read those books that I send
home nightly. I greatly
appreciate the home/school
partnership. However, some of
those books have been
returning to school damaged.
Each book cost about $5-8
each. Your help, as well as your
child’s, to take care of these
books will ensure that many
students are offered a wide
variety of texts.
Did you know…..
Our BIG IDEA in reading:
Reading is thinking.
Our Essential Question
for the year:
How can we be more
thoughtful readers?
Those students I work with
recently got to Show Me
What They Know. Using
this information, new
groups were created.
These groups will continue
to work on letter names
and sounds.
Growth Mindset
December Words
Gratitude: being thankful,
showing appreciation
Mindset: established set of
attitudes held by someone
Optimism: hopefulness and
confidence about the future or
the successful outcome of