Carbohydrates Lipids

Nucleic Acids
Table 10.2 Types of Digestive Enzymes
Figure 10.2 Large food molecules are split into smaller molecules by hydrolysis. Specific enzymes speed up these reactions. After
hydrolysis, the smaller molecules can pass through cell membranes.
Table 10.3 Functions and Possible sources of Selected Vitamins and Minerals
Figure 10.3 the earthworm has a simple digestive tract. Decaying plant and animal matter in the soil provides the earthworm with
nutrients. Undigested materials pass through the tract and are eliminated through the anus as worm castings.
Figure 10.5 The digestive tract of a small herbivore, such as a rabbit, is longer than that of a small carnivore, such as a fox. In
both digestive tracts you can see the cecum, a pouch at the beginning of the large intestine that receives waste material from the
small intestine.