Worksheet 6.2 - Iowa State University

Supplemental Instruction
Iowa State University
1. Name at least 3 functions of the digestive system:
Digestive System II
Week 6.2
A ECL 365
Dr. Adams
2. The major site of water re-absorption is the _________ ____________. This is also
where the waste is compacted.
3. The ______ _____________is a pouch in the wall of the digestive tract. What does it
4. Humans have a vestigial cecum known as an appendix. What is its function?
5. The __________ is the largest _______ in the body and is found in a position over the
stomach. Name two important functions:
6. The ___________ is a blind sac that stores a substance known as _______. What is the
function of this substance?
7. The __________ produces enzymes important in breaking down food molecules; fats to
_________ and __________ to simple sugars. It is also rich in __________ to neutralize
stomach acid.
8. Name the factors important in influencing the size of the digestive tract.
9. The large intestine in mammals and most fish terminates in a ________ and an
________, while in chondrichthyes, reptiles, amphibians and birds it terminates in a
10. Describe isometry, and how it was used in determining the gut size of fish in a
Panamanian stream.
11. Use the same principal to describe how much vertebrates eat vs. body size.
12. Many fish have a __________ __________located in the digestive tract which helps to
increase surface area.