Name: _________________________ Scientific Method Consumer Reporting Project Froggers!!!!!

Name: _________________________
Scientific Method Consumer Reporting Project Froggers!!!!!
Congratulations! You are going to successfully test a product according to FDA regulations. As a
scientist you are going to be required to inform the public about your findings. Your job will be to
prepare a presentation for the public to present your findings!
Practice testing a product, then select a product to test for tomorrow! You and your partners can
brainstorm products that interest you and decide upon a product that you would like to test. By the
end of today you should have (5 points):
Selected a product
Have a step by step procedure to test your product on at least 10 people.
Decided who will bring in what supplies (you are responsible for your own materials-bring
enough for each person who you are going to test)
Have a data table created (can be done for HW if you don’t have time)
Today is your day to go out and test. If your partners are not here YOU MUST STILL BRAVE THE
TESTING….alone. By the end of today you should have (5 points)
A completed data table
Written observations about what happened during testing
10 people should have been tested
Today is the day to create your presentation. You have the option to create a poster (if you have a
strong idea about something else you can run it by us). By the end of today you should have on your
poster (5 points):
Each of the 5 steps of the scientific method
A data table that looks clean
A graph of your data
An advertisement of your product
A frog picture
This is the day that you present your findings to the class!!!!!!!! Be ready—no exceptions!
Presentation will be worth 25 points. Your presentation will be graded as follows…
 5 points for everyone in the group talking
 5 points for all steps of scientific method
 5 points for data table and graph
 10 points for overall creativeness of project and advertisement