National Park Project (Extra Credit)

Name: ____________________
National Park Project (Extra Credit)
Park Name: __________________________________
Mr. Miller’s Initials:______
Overview: You will pick a National Park and put together a poster project based on the
guidelines below. Someone should be able to read your project and get a general idea
of what the park has to offer, what is unique about it, and get a visual for what
someone might see in the area. You have the option to do a Glogster, Prezi, or a
poster (on paper).
Specifics: This is an Informational poster, and must include the following:
 Why was the park designated?
 At least 5-7 pictures of the park
 What geographic area in the United States is the park located? Need a map here!
 Detailed description of the park
o Geology/Landforms
o History
o Wildlife (Pick several species that are common to the park)
o Visitors per year
o What can you do in the park?
o How much money is spent/made in the park
 Unique facts about the park
 Any ecological problems/issues with the park
 Overall appearance should be colorful, clean, and creative.