Partnership Principles activity

Partnership Principles Activity
Part 1 – Jigsaw
1. Number off from 1-7 and reconvene in teams based on your assigned
partnership principle.
2. Independently read and reflect on the section of text assigned for your given
principle – from Unmistakable Impact, by Jim Knight.
#1 Equality – pp. 29-31
#2 Choice – pp. 31-34
#3 Voice – pp. 34-36
#4 Reflection – pp. 36-38
#5 Dialogue – pp. 38-39
#6 Praxis – pp. 42-44
#7 Reciprocity – pp. 44-45
3. As a team, discuss your thoughts from the reading, what would be important
for others to know about your principle? Why is this principle important
when working with others?
4. Brainstorm a visual to represent your team’s principle.
Part 2 – Picture It
1. Using ideas from your teams’ discussion, work together to create a
visual/poster to represent your teams’ principle.
2. Post your teams’ partnership principle poster for a Gallery Walk.
Part 3 – Connect & Share It
1. Have team members explain to the entire group how your visual/poster
connects to the partnership principle. Share what you learned about the
principle with the entire group & answer any questions they may have.