Social Studies, Chapter 3, Lesson 2 Outline

Social Studies, Chapter 3, Lesson 2 Outline
II. Africa’s Trading Empires
A. Ghana, Kingdom of Gold
1. Caravans crossed the____________________.
2. A caravan is a group of ____________________
3. Caravans on____________________traveled the Sahara, bringing goods to
and from____________________ ____________________.
4. The earliest kingdom named____________________was called
“____________________________________________________” because
its land was rich in the precious____________________.
5. However, Ghana lacked an important resource, ____________________.
6. Trade routes developed bringing salt into____________________.
7. ____________________traders from____________________
____________________brought salt from the____________________ to the
cities on the southern edge of the desert, like ____________________.
8. Just as____________________became worth its weight in gold, so
9. Arab traders also brought their religion, ____________________, with them
to____________________ ____________________.
10. Followers of Islam are known as____________________. The kings of
Ghana hired Muslims as____________________, to help them rule.
11. Ghana’s rulers grew rich from trade. They charged taxes on all
B. Mali and Songhai
1. The kingdom of____________________ controlled more land than Ghana. It
was wealthy because of____________________.
2. Caravans continued their trade of____________________and
3. European ships brought____________________, ____________________,
and other goods to ____________________ ____________________ports.
4. Mali traded____________________, ____________________
____________________, and ____________________
____________________for such goods.
5. Mali reached its peak during the rule of____________________
____________________. He was known for his immense wealth. He was
a____________________who in 1324 went on a ____________________
to____________________, a city in the Arabian peninsula that is holy to
6. A pilgrimage is a____________________taken for ____________________
7. On Mansa Musa’s pilgrimage came thousands of ____________________.
Among them were 500 ____________________carrying a bar of gold
weighing four pounds. The gold was used along the way
to____________________for traveling____________________.
8. The king’s journey____________________trade ties between Mali and
Muslim nations.
9. He brought back many Muslim____________________and
____________________who contributed to life in Mali. Many of them settled
in____________________, a center of trade and now a center
Mansa Musa ordered a large building for study and worship,
the____________________ ____________________, to be built.
Soon after Mansa Musa’s rule, another trading kingdom rose in West
African called____________________. At its peak in the early 1500s,
Songhai controlled more____________________than both Ghana and Mali.
C. Connecting Different Parts of the World
1. Zheng He’s journeys showed that the Chinese were learning routes
2. Mansa Musa’s pilgrimage showed how people from West Africa and the
Arabian peninsula traveled between their two____________________.
3. The people of____________________were learning about the people and
geography of____________________and____________________.
4. European map makers built on the____________________of many travelers
and____________________around the world. One tool that helped them
was developed by Arabs. It was the____________________, an instrument
that helped sailors use the____________________and
____________________to find their location in____________________.
5. With the astrolabe and other new tools and ideas, different parts of the
____________________were becoming more closely