1. Why did Marco Polo go to China?

Chapter #3 Life in the Eastern Hemisphere Study Guide
1. Why did Marco Polo go to China?
2. What places did the Silk Road connect?
3. Describe the Silk Road.
4. What effect did Marco Polo’s journey have on others?
5. Why did Zheng He’s fleet try to reach many new places?
6. What was one result of Zheng He’s voyages?
7. What were some effects of trade?
8. What country became a major trading center known as a “land of gold”?
9. Describe the route of many early trade caravans in Africa.
10. What type of trade was often made in Ghana?
11. Which African kingdoms became wealthy from trade after Ghana?
12. What did the Europeans bring to trade in North Africa?
13. What significant event took place under Mans Musa’s rule?
14. What was an effect of Mansa Musa’s pilgrimage to Mecca?
15. Why did the Vikings leave the area we now call Newfoundland?
16. How did the Portuguese benefit from exploring the coast of Africa?
17. What effect did the European ocean trade routes have?
18. To what did the China owe its wealth?
19. What is a caravan, and for what purpose did caravans cross the Sahara?
20. What important events occurred during Mansa Musa’s reign as a king. List the events in the
order they occurred.
21. What do the Chinese people, the kingdom of Ghana and caravans have in common?
22. What was the Renaissance and why was it important?
23. What was the effect of improved methods of navigation for the Portuguese in the 1420s?
24. How do parallel time lines help you understand the history of the world