Five Themes of Geography Notes

Five Themes of Geography Notes
I. Location: where a place is.
a. Absolute or exact: uses latitude and
b. Relative: refers to another place.
II. Place: what a place is like.
a. Human and physical features are
III. Interaction: how people and environment
a. People change their environment.
b. People adjust to their environment.
IV. Movement: People, things and ideas move.
a. Migration: movement of people.
b. Trade: movement of goods.
c. Cultural Diffusion: movement of ideas.
V. Region: area that shares similar features.
a. Ways regions defined:
1. Physical features
a. Landforms
b. Climate
2. Human features
a. Culture
b. Politics
c. Economics
Name that place!
Match each statement with the theme of geography
that it best represents and name that place!
Located in the Midwest of the United States.
Many Polish people migrated to this city.
The city was enlarged by filling in parts of Lake Michigan.
Home of the deep-dish pizza.
Located in the state of Illinois.
Known as the “windy city.”
Home of the Bulls, Bears, Cubs and White Sox.