make happen conservation Stream restoration

Stream restoration
is a new concept.
When neglected streams
are restored, their beds
and banks must be repaired.
Primary goals are cleaner water
and an opportunity to connect
people with nature. Keep in mind
it takes time to reverse damage
and restore a stream’s natural
function and beauty.
Stream Restoration Funding Partners
North Carolina Clean Water Management Trust Fund
North Carolina Department of Water Resources
understanding stream restoration
Nature is
returning to
Little Sugar Creek.
You can be part of the process.
Watch the transformation unfold.
For decades, parts of Little Sugar Creek were
hidden under a concrete cap. Now, pavement
and parking lots that covered the stream have
been removed. The banks have been carefully
reshaped. Newly planted trees, native grasses,
and wildflowers will replicate what Mother
Nature intended. The natural buffer holds the
soil in place and improves water quality in the
stream. And plants provide a natural habitat for
turtles, dragonflies, and many types of birds.