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Shaina Reddinger
Bio Pd6
I believe that Jackson Run can be declared as having fair health. Using the
physical, chemical, and micro invertebrate information we gathered while doing
certain experiments can back up this statement easily. The physical data that we got
showed us the stream temperature, stream velocity, stream depth and its width. In
order to find the temperature of the stream we had to place a thermometer into the
water (in a shady spot rather than a sunny one because the temperature would be
increased and inaccurate there) and hold it there for a few minuets. We got that it
was 9 degrees Celsius find the air temperature, we simply just held the top of the
thermometer and made sure we were in a shady spot to find an accurate reading
and we got 12 degrees celcus. In order to find the stream width used a rope that was
tied across the stream and measured the rope and we found it was around 2.8m. To
find the depth we took a yard sick and stuck it in the water at different spots and
then averaged them together to get .785. To find the velocity we dropped a tennis
ball in the water and timed how long it took it to get to get to the next point and
averaged them together to get .16 m per second. These are all important factors that
decide which organisms can live in these waters and how big the population of them
would be due to space and food, and what kind of species could thrive there.
If we were to include the chemical data from the other 10 groups
who performed this experiment, the numbers of certain organisms will increase,