What’s in Your Package? Activity

What’s in Your Package?
One of the things that can hold us back and prevent us from making career changes, is the
packaging. We may be reluctant to give up the external packaging of a career, which can
feel part of our identity, rather than focusing on the contents themselves, or the ‘real’ part,
which you can take with you.
For example: a LAWYER
External packaging
Impressive education
Win/loss of cases
Board position on legal bar
Internal Qualities/Contents
Critical thinker
Great strategist
Flair for drama and showmanship
Fairness and “doing the right thing”
Leadership ability
What’s in your package?
External packaging
Internal Qualities/Contents
Ask yourself:
What are the hard skills I get to keep? (technical knowledge, IT skills, financial knowledge)
What are the soft skills I have gained? (leadership, conflict resolution, style)