Together we learn, together we succeed, and together we will

Together we learn, together we succeed, and together we will
make a positive difference!
Second Grade News​
April 11 - Wax Museum
April 14 - Thomas Art Show 5:30 - 7:30
April 28 - Take your Child to Work Day
May 6 - Thomas Movie Night, 6pm
Friday,April 8, 2016
The 8​
annual Thomas Elementary Art Show will take place Thursday, April 14​
from 5:30­7:30. I have been working with a company called Artom​
this year to make the show even better​
. ​
é frames student artwork for art shows. The framed and matted work will be for sale during the show. The frames cost $25 and $6 of each sale will go to the purchase of a 3D printer for students to use in the art room. Students will get all of their work back whether or not frames are purchased, so it’s a win­win situation for everyone. I look forward to seeing everyone at the show! ­Mr. Stoller
Reading/Writing Workshop​​
Students have been engaged with the workshop model with applying 4 goals to
reading time. We have been thinking about connections between what we read and what we already know. We have been
checking for understanding as we read. We have been identifying the main idea and supporting details. We have been reading
nonfiction for researching important historical / scientific events. Students are being expected to build stamina as well as
having rich conversations with peers and teachers. Comprehension goals will continue to be our main focus. This week the
students have been also busy editing reports and scripts during writing workshop. The students are excited about presenting
information during the wax museum. Second graders definitely have been inspired, interested, and excited about this project.
Math - ​
This week in math students worked on time. They reviewed telling time to the nearest hour and half hour. We also
began learning about telling time using the vocabulary quarter till and quarter after. Time can be a very difficult unit for
students. Please try to continue to reinforce time with your child at home. Students should be able to identify time on both an
analog and a digital clock.
Word Study-​
Second graders completed their word study test today.
These words focused on synonyms and antonyms
and prefixes and suffixes. Next week, each student will read their K-2 high frequency words to their teacher. We are excited
to see their growth with reading these words. Please make sure to continue to practice writing the high frequency words at
home as students will be tested over these the week of April 18​
. Thanks for your home support!
Social Studies-​
This week in Social Studies, we have been wrapping up our Famous American Unit. The students
completed their final drafts of their research paper on Tuesday, and worked very hard to complete their Wax Museum scripts
throughout the week as well. We have been practicing our presentations with our peers- focusing on the following: making eye
contact, using a fluent and confident speaking voice, as well as using an appropriate volume. They are SO excited to share what
they‛ve learned on Monday‛s Wax Museum. Thank you (again!) for all of your support with script practice, as well as costume and
prop design!
Monday - C (music)
Tuesday -D (art)
Wednesday -A (library)
Thursday - B (PE)
Friday C (music)
We, the students of Thomas Elementary, proudly practice the 7 Habits of Happy Kids. 1. Be Proactive
Think Win WIn ​
Synergize 2. Begin with the End in Mind ​
Seek First to Understand, Then to be Understood 3. Put First Things First ​