The purpose of this message is to notify you that... average is below 2.0. Subsequently, you have been placed on...

The purpose of this message is to notify you that your grade point
average is below 2.0. Subsequently, you have been placed on academic
Detailed description of your academic status
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Many students will experience academic difficulty during their college
career. Some students have difficulty with only a class or two, but
others will experience more long-term challenges. Being on academic
probation is not the end of your college career. However, it is a time
to seriously reflect on what factors contributed to your difficulties
and time to make a plan for future success.
There are many factors that can impact a student’s academic
performance (lack of college-level study strategies, motivation
difficulties, reluctance to seek help, lack of direction, poor choice
of courses or course load, difficulty adjusting to college, financial
challenges, over-involvement in a job or social activities, personal
or medical issues, etc.)
National research shows that students who take an active approach to
improving their academics will achieve at greater rates than those who
opt to simply “try harder” or “study more” on their own. Doing so
includes using the many resources that are available including
advising, tutoring, counseling, career services, disability services,
and more.
UWSP wants to support you in finding success. Therefore, please take
the next two steps to help you succeed:
1. Meet with your advisor to discuss your courses and course load
for the upcoming semester. A change may be necessary. This is
also a good time to seek advice on your future plans. Your
advisor is listed on your MyPoint Homepage.
2. View this presentation and visit this site to learn about various
tips and resources that can help get you back on the path to