Change of Gender Form

Change of Gender Form
A student's gender of record reflects the gender the student identified to the university when the
student applied for admission to UWSP. Gender is not included as "directory information" and
will not be disclosed. A student whose gender identity or gender expression does not conform to
their assigned legal sex at birth can change their gender of record. The University accepts these
requests according to the steps below.
Change my gender of record to:
In addition to this form, please submit one of the following acceptable documents.
Documentation from a qualified health care provider
A birth certificate or court order
A valid driver's license or passport
Current name on file in myPoint
Last Name
First Name
Middle Initial
Student ID Number: ___________________________
Signature: _________________________________________________ Date: ____________
If also changing names, please complete the Change of Name Form available on the
Registrar’s website.
Office Use Only:
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