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Student Life Committee Meeting
April 5, 2001
Present: Megan Babin, Kris Bartanen, Jim Jasinski (chair), Diane Kelley, Geoff Proehl, Carrie Washburn
Meeting called to order
Minutes from last meeting accepted
Jim suggested to the committee an agenda for the rest of the year:
 summarize what we’ve done over the course of the year in terms of our two projects: our work on
the Integrity Code and our work on communication issues
 form recommendations for the work of next year’s committee. This information will go the Faculty
Senate in our year end report.
Jim will draft a report on our Integrity Code work. Heather, Carrie and student members of the community
will work on a report on communication issues.
Our last meeting will be April 19 at which we will review these two documents, as well as working on
suggestions for the 2001-2002 committee charge.
Today's meeting focused on a review of Integrity Code language brought to the committee by Kris Bartanen.
Review of changes:
#1. III.D. of Procedures: this change clarifies that a student has a choice of venues for a hearing on a major
or minor violation of the Integrity Code; it also clarifies that while a conduct case is pending the ability to
obtain transcripts, complete registration for classes, apply for study abroad, etc. may be restricted
Change endorsed by committee (changes in Procedures can be effected administratively by the Dean of
Students Office; the committee's action is fundamentally advisory)
#2. III.F.2. of Procedures: minor change; reinsert the word “Board,” accidentally deleted
Change endorsed by committee
#3. V.C. of the Integrity Code proper: add "from available" options, a clarification discussed by the
committee earlier in the year and add parenthetical referring students to Procedures III, E. and F., and
Section IV. for clarification of hearing venue (These changes, endorsed by the committee, will require formal
acceptance by ASUPS and the Board of Trustees)
#4. IV.B. of Procedures: clarifies grounds for consideration of appeal
Change endorsed by committee
#5. IV.G. of Procedures: clarifies who gets copy of appeal
Change endorsed by committee
#6. VI.B. of Procedures: specifies membership of the Integrity Code Board
Change endorsed by committee
#7: VI.C.2. of Procedures: notes that Honor Court meets at a regularly scheduled time and that students
who choose Honor Court will need to make arrangements to attend a scheduled meeting
Change endorsed by committee
From here we went to the section on Sanctions in the Procedures part of the Code. This was new material.
The change here is a distinction between “Conduct Probation” and a new term, “University Probation,” the
purpose being to distinguish between probation that allows a student to request a “specific exception to
participate” (Conduct) and probation for which no exceptions can be considered (University).
A discussion followed as to the appropriateness of the terms to describe these two alternatives. “Activity”
and “Social” probation were both suggested alternatives for “Conduct” probation. No consensus was
reached and Jasinski suggested considering this question at the final meeting.
The committee under Jim's direction then decided to send to the Faculty Senate the changes in wording to
the Code and a report on the changes in the Procedure noting that revisions were made for the purposes of
reorganization, clarity and consistency.
In the remaining time, discussion turned again to terminology for types of probation. "Level I" and "Level II"
were suggested and committee members will review a redraft of those paragraphs by email. Kris expressed
appreciation for help with the process and Jim noted the revisions would be sent for review to committee
members by email.
Jim then reviewed responses from upper division students to gauge where they would go for information in
various circumstances.
Finally, Carrie raised the question of the committee’s charges for next year. Possibilities mentioned: offcampus jurisdiction issues; the student bill of rights; community relations.
Meeting adjourned; approx. 8:55pm.
Geoff Proehl