Slide Layout Slide Views

Slide Layout – specifies how text or objects are positioned on the slide
Slide Views – allows you to view slides in several ways: whole slide is normal view, as
thumbnails with all slides displayed is slide sorter view, as a slide show
Title Slide – the first slide in the presentation with the title and subtitle
Slide Pane – place where the current slide is displayed
Placeholders – empty boxes which identify the placement of text or objects on a slide
Template – a pre-designed slide
Outline and Slides Tab Pane – contains the outline and slides tabs
Design Template – lets you choose from the numerous predesigned formats available in PP
Grayscale – represents color using various shades of gray
Clip Art – a collection of ready-made drawings and illustrations
Datasheet – contains sample data that you replace with your data
Footer – text that appears at the bottom of every slide
Diagram – shows process flows and relationships
Organizational Chart – a type of diagram used to illustrate a company’s hierarchy or
Slide Master – contains the default settings for all slides in a presentation except the title slide
Title Master – contains the default settings for the format of the title slide