Planning, Review and Budget Council M i n u t e s

Planning, Review and
Budget Council
Wednesday, November 4, 2015
Room 405, bldg. 400
3:00-5:00 PM
Attendees: Cynthia Stubblebine, Connie Willis, Ken Grace, Rachael Tupper-Eoff, Chasity
Whiteside, Catherine Powell, Jennifer Pierre-Louis, Michael Lai, Jim Matthews, Noell
Adams, Nancy Cheung, Bruce Mayer, Deonne Kunkel, Laura Alarcon, Christine Herrera
Approval of Minutes:
No approval of minutes
Committee and Senate Reports:
No Committee Reports
Program Review Reading Form and Google Document
 Deonne to send link for Program Review Reading form
 Nov 11th – 3:00-5:30 Discussion/Craft Faculty Prioritization Statement
 Primary goals:
o Institutional Barriers
o Promising initiatives that would potentially benefit many students across
the campus
o Areas of campus-wide need related to staffing and faculty
 Nov 11th will be in Computer Lab Bldg. 130
 Deonne asked for any edits to form
o Greatest areas of needs
o Cut and paste
o Suggestion to have form set-up in Google forms
o Include the reader and date
 Deonne Kunkel and Carolyn Arnold to present to Prioritization Committee on
November 16th
Distribution and Reading of Program Reviews
 All in attendance took 3 to 4 Program Reviews to read and synthesize for group
discussion on November 11th
Meeting Adjourned @4:45 p.m.