Planning, Review, and Budget Council Wednesday January 28th, 2015 3:00-5:00 PM

Planning, Review, and Budget Council
Wednesday January 28th, 2015
Room 405, bld. 400
3:00-5:00 PM
Attendees: Heather Hernandez, Rachael Tupper-Eoff, Michael Daloisio, Dale Wagoner, Jeremy Wilson,
Donna Gibson, Bianca Bullock, Kate Dolorito, Christine Warda, Connie Willis, Mireille Giovanola, Laurie
Dockter, Ming Ho, Jeanne Wilson, Jim Matthews, Bob Buell, Marcia Corcoran, Carolyn Arnold, Yvonne
Wu Craig, Jane Wolford
I Approval of minutes moved to following week.
II Committee Updates
Counseling: Counseling has eight new hires. The Transfer Center is now staffed by a full time
faculty member. Two of the new faculty have expertise in mental health. New faculty are
teaching PSCN courses in their first semester. What can be done to introduce new counselors to
the campus was discussed. They may make visits to divisions on FLEX day or visit division
meetings during their regularly scheduled times.
Student Senate: Student Senate is producing videos with photos and clips of student interviews
for marketing.
Classified Senate: Classified senate has finished prioritizing and plans to meet with the
Faculty Senate: A planning meeting for the Educational Master Plan will be held at the district
on Tuesday the 3rd from 3:00-5:00. The RSVP date for the Planning Charette is February 9th.
Deonne will ask the district to re-send the invitation.
SLOAC: Regarding the transition to Curricunet, SLOAC last met with the vender to work our
bugs. We’re waiting to hear back from them.
DSPS: Kathleen reminds us that individual with a temporary physical disability can seek support
from DSPS. Any student can go to DSPS to set up an appointment with a Counselor. Setting up
the appointment is the first step in the referral process.
Staff Development: Staff Development is finalizing the FLEX schedule for the 12th. Revisions
should be sent to Christy for committee approval Tuesday the 3rd. The day will begin with a
presentation by the Striving Black Brothers. Discipline time will be given mid-morning, with
break out sessions after lunch, and division PLO work in the afternoon. They plan to host a
family picnic in April or May.
Budget: Connie reports that the funding outlook at the state level is positive for the next two
years. The process for our 633,000 Instruction Budget allocation from the state is complete. The
Budget Committee allocated Instructional funds and the list has been sent out.
III Program Review
Deonne framed the scope of the conversation: The purpose of today’s discussion is to prepare
to provide input into the Prioritization process. Our focus won’t be identifying critical barriers,
providing feedback to areas on their Program Review, or problem solving critical decisions. By
the end of our discussion, we hope to have crafted a statement and prepared a presentation for
Faculty Prioritization. Our purpose it the big picture on college need related to the Strategic
Goal Plan.
PRBC broke into groups to discuss what they learned from reading and program reviews. Each
group then presented their synthesis and the group discussed college trends that arose from
Program Review, identifying needs including, bottlenecks in financial aid, the need to coordinate
new initiatives, and critical vacancies. The following draft statement was crafted:
“The PRBC sees that the college needs to take a radical direction from its historical pattern.
Traditionally we see our FTES goal, translate that to FTEF, and put that on the schedule, adding
new faculty based on retirements and need. Based on Program Review, we see that there are
critical aps in infrastructure that must be addressed. We see critical need for classified and
administrative personnel to support our existing and projected FTES goal.
On the Academic side, there are programs that are either on the brink of not being able to
support students in achieving their educational goals, and they need faculty. Single of no faculty
disciplines are likely to be in the worst position, and those disciplines should be given first
priority, given FTES. Math appears to be a major completion gap, which would necessitate
multiple faculty. Counseling, given retirements and increased load (SSSP), id s critical need.”
Deonne will edit the statement and read it to Faculty Prioritization. Carolyn will present
accompanying data on needs in Math, English, and Counseling.
Meeting adjourned at 5:00.