Planning, Review and Budget Council M i n u t e s

Planning, Review and
Budget Council
Wednesday, October 21st, 2015
Room 405, bldg. 400
3:00-5:00 PM
Attendees: Catherine Powell, Wanda Wong, Chasity Whiteside, Steve Stevenson,
Jennifer Pierre-Louis, Jim Matthews, Rachael Tupper-Eoff, Carolyn Arnold, Donna
Gibson, Laurie Dockter, Christine Herrera, Marcia Corcoran, ValJean Dale, Dale Wagner,
Jeanne Wilson, Stacy Thompson and Laura Alarcon
Approval of Minutes
Rachel Tupper-Eoff motioned to approve the minutes with revisions and Jim Matthews
seconded, minutes approved by consensus.
Committee and Senate Reports
Jennifer Pierre-Louis and Corey Lowe - Student Senate report:
 Reminder Town Hall Meeting is Thursday, October 21st from 12:00-1:00 in
Event Center
 All scholarships have been processed for last year's winners
 All club funds have been distributed and funds this year doubled from $150 to
Rachel Tupper-Eoff - Classified Senate report:
 Chancellor's Leadership survey was sent out and the process is moving forward
 College Council requested the Prioritization group to look at the Priority 2
positions from last year that did not get approved. The recommendation to
senate is if those same positions are in program review they should be given
additional weight and the group is working on criteria
Laurie Dockter - Faculty Senate report:
 Senate reviewed a different method of voting for Faculty Prioritization Process
 Work continues on the shared governance document
Jim Matthews - Accreditation report:
 There is a survey that has gone out to those who were interviewed. Survey sent
via email
 The information collected will help us to know how we can be better prepared.
Will not know anything until early February
Deonne Kunkel - PRBC report:
 VP Thompson will be sending a letter to the commission at the end of semester
with what we have in progress
 Discussed documenting and forwarding evidence of progress on SLO’s and
Shared Governance
 Suggestion made to refer to email sent by Dr. Sperling with the notes from the
accreditation exit report that was developed collaboratively by several people
who were in the room at the time
Program Review Reading Timeline
 Statements will inform Faculty and Classified prioritization
 Prioritization meeting dates are 11/2 and 11/16 and presentations are on 11/30
 PRBC can present on 11/16 or 11/30
 Committee reviewed rubric that was created to use while reading documents to
help the process
 Options
o Read more than once (Do we gather a reading group more than once?)
o Google drive/doc and contribute
 Decisions
o Timeline – Suggestion should present on 11/30
 First read on November 4th (3:00 -5:00)
 Follow-up on November 18th (3:00 - 5:00) – draft statement on
o Invite list
 Requesting three from each division, classified and faculty to read
o Form
 Clarify purpose statement and question that addresses the
Strategic Plan Goal
 Committees who would like to make requests find there is no clear process. They
should see Deonne to find an avenue, possibly can submit under PRBC. Tech,
COOL, Staff Development, Facilities fall under this situation
Strategic Goal Plan: Business Presentation
 Deonne explained that the Business presentation relates to our Strategic Goal
Plan and what it is we are accomplishing in those areas. This is the first of
several presentations being done by those who were involved in developing the
initiatives. What we need to do is decide for the next Flex Day who we want the
college to hear from, what invitations we want to make and how we can further
the conversation with the entire college around the Strategic Goal Plan.
Business Department Presentation attached
IEPI Indicators
o Carolyn Arnold reviewed Institutional Effectiveness current and additional
indicators required for 2016-17. Carolyn will find out when the deadline is.
o Challenging task, need a small group to look at the Strategic Goals and the
indicators to submit a summary to PRBC
4:30-4:40 Accreditation Review
 Carolyn Arnold acknowledged Jim Matthews as our leader and appreciated his
wisdom which got us to where we are now.
Meeting Adjourned @4:45 p.m.