Operations & Facilities Council (OFC) B D

Operations & Facilities Council (OFC)
1. Formalize communication and reporting process with our BAC council liaison
a. Attend BAC meetings throughout the year.
b. Provide regular updates as requested.
2. Support completion of Minor Work Projects within the biennium appropriated.
a. Support the development of recommendations and best practices to assist CTC
Institutions with completing all minor work projects in the biennium funding is
3. Support migration of facility inventory data into CTCLink
a. Provide leadership and support for the migration of inventory data from the old FAE
into Megamation FAE console for all CTC Institutions.
b. Identify resources to assist CTC Institutions with both the migration process as well as
updating data in their FAE console after migration.
c. Create opportunities for training related to updating data in the FAE console including
FAE Category codes, Room use codes, NACUBO codes and CIP codes.
4. Enhance collaboration with SSEM
a. Commit to joint meeting in May of 2016.
b. Provide support where possible for the SSEM business development plan.
5. Improve the effectiveness of OFC sub committees
a. Develop a written work plan for sub committees with a defined scope and duration.
b. Formalize the process for committees to report progress to OFC leadership & members
throughout the year.
6. Finalize the development of our OFC web page located on the SBCTC web site.
a. Create OFC 101 tab on the web site and begin adding content related to OFC new
member Orientation, Onboarding and Professional Development.
b. Formalize a mentoring program that will connect new OFC members with subject
matter experts from within our council.
c. Create a repository on the web site for OFC approved Best Practices.
7. Update OFC governing documents
a. Update Constitution
b. Update Bylaws
c. Update and formalize leadership roles & responsibilities
d. Post all of these updated documents on our OFC web page