Creating a Users Table The users table contains a list

Creating a Users Table
The users table contains a list
of your site’s authorized users,
logins, and passwords
Create the Database
Start Microsoft Access, pull down its
File menu, and choose the option to
create a new blank database.
When the File New Database dialog
appears, name the database
TopSecret.mdb, and save it in a
folder that is not in Web space.
Create the Users Table
Double-click the option to create a table in
Design view. When the Table window opens,
create the following four fields. After you
type each Field Name, press the Tab key, and
a pull-down menu appears in the Data Type
column. Pull down that menu and make the
field’s data type match the ones illustrated
Save the Users Table
Pull down the File menu and choose
Save; when the Save dialog appears,
name the table Users.
When Access asks if you want a
primary key, say yes.
Access will make UserID the primary
key, because the autonumber data
type makes each user have a unique
Populate the Users Table
Close the table by clicking its close
icon. Then double-click the name of
the table to open it in data entry
mode. Type the following records into
the table:
Transfer the Database
Transfer the database to the
designated folder containing
databases for your Web site.
In this course, you can create a
Dreamweaver site for publishing your
The next two slides show the local
and remote settings.
Local Info Settings
Remote Info for FTP Access