Adding a language to the Windows Language Bar

Adding a language to the Windows Language Bar
1- To add a language to the language menu, right click the language menu on
the Windows task bar. The default language is English – so it should look
like an EN as shown:
2- A small menu should appear. Select “Settings.”
3- To add a language, click Add.
4- Select the language you wish to add. Click OK.
5- You can scroll the different languages to see the language you added in the
list. Click OK when done.
6- Click the language menu again and choose the language you wish to use. The
application (Microsoft Word or Web browser) needs to be selected when you
select the language.
7- Now using the previously open and selected application, you can type in the
language you selected. If you open a different application, the language will
revert to English.
8- Pressing the Ctrl and Space key, repeatedly, will switch out of the language
you have selected and then switch between English and Chinese (since
Chinese is first in the list of languages).