Observation Notes Submitted by Marian Kolstoe Katie Shaw

Observation Notes
Submitted by Marian Kolstoe
Katie Shaw
March 27, 2009
Integrated I1
(20 minutes) Homework: You started as soon as the bell rang (no students came in
tardy). Starting class right away is a great strategy for focusing students immediately. It
also helps to eliminate tardies. Several problems were completed for the homework.
Some of them were utilized to review for an exam. Homework was collected for
Agenda: An agenda was not listed on the board today. Learning framework was not
Exam: Each student was allowed to use a note card on the exam. The exam is worth 100
points. Students seemed to feel comfortable as they jumped right into their work. The
exam had 18 questions. You appeared to feel comfortable in completing routine tasks
while students were taking the exam – that shows that you have a lot of confidence in
their abilities as well as trust in their test-taking.
Reflective Questions
1. Since students don’t typically all finish at the same time, what were students
expected to work on when they were finished? Would it be possible for them to
look ahead into the next chapter and do a bit of scanning of the text?
2. I wondered what strategies you used to help prepare our 10th graders for the
CSAP test next week. Do you feel that your students will be prepared for that