Physics Syllabus

Physics Syllabus
C.A.L.S. Early College High School
Instructor: Mr. Andrew Stephens
Phone: (213) 239-0063 Email: [email protected]
Class Website:
“Physics is everywhere”
Course Description
This course holds many exciting adventures in science. During this academic year, you will learn how to apply
scientific processes to analyze and solve problems by interpreting scientific data and drawing logical
conclusions. The class will be unique in that the concepts learned can be widely applied to real life. Emphasis will
be on developing process laboratory skills including data collection & analysis, evaluation of information, and oral &
written communication of experimental results. In addition to lab work, we will learn about the following eight units:
Nature of Science
Motion and Forces
Conservation of Energy and Momentum
Heat and Thermodynamics
Electricity and Magnetism
Review and Final
Final Projects
Biology, Algebra I and II, Trigonometry
∙Text: Copies of readings and problems will be distributed from The Physics Tutorial from GBS.
∙Internet: The class website can be accessed at, the class newsgroup can be accessed at, and the class wiki is linked to the class website. It is very important to remember your login name
and password for the class newsgroup so write it down! More information will follow concerning online homework
problems and submissions.
∙Other resources will include various textbook selections, newspaper articles, scientific journals and other
websites. All material will be updated and linked on the class website.
Upon completion of this class, students will have a better understanding of the universe thanks to their
understanding of the laws, concepts, knowledge, and analytical tools of physics. Additional goals are to:
Develop critical thinking skills and move towards autonomous learning
Understand, describe, and apply the procedures of physics and understand their limitations
Apply scientific principles to solve “real life” problems
Understand the world around you through the development of inquiry and interests in physics
Class Rule
Do your best
Required Classroom Materials
Science Lab Book (Quad notebook)
USB Drive (aka flash drive, thumb drive, memory stick, etc)
A Gmail Account (free at
In class work/projects
93-100% 90-92% 87-89% 83-86%
*Ds or Fs earn 0 credits
Late work Policy/Redo Policy
Work is accepted on time with no penalty. Work is accepted after the due date, but within the same unit with a 20%
penalty. No late work from a particular unit is accepted after the unit test.
Laboratory reports, homework, and projects that are turned in complete and on time may be revised up until the end
of the unit in which it was assigned. Tests may not be retaken unless extenuating circumstances apply. In this case
a formal request may be written (1-2 pages typed) explaining why you did not perform up to your capability, how
you prepared differently, and why you should be granted a retake.
Example: During unit 2 Motion and Forces, students were assigned The Velocity Lab. Student A turned in a perfect
lab report on the due date and earned 100/100. Student B turned in a perfect lab report after the due date, but
before the unit 2 test and received 80/100. Student C turned in a perfect lab report after the unit 2 test and received
0/100. Student D turned in a complete lab report on time, but received 75/100 due to mistakes. Student D then
revised the lab report and turned in the revision before the unit 2 test and received 100/100.
Make Up Work
Students who miss school due to excused absences are allotted the number of missed days to make up the
assigned work. For example if you miss one day of class due to an illness, you have one extra day past the due
date to turn in your work. If you have a presentation or your group is depending on you, don't miss school unless
previously approved!
Absence/Tardy Policy
For every 5 unexcused absences or 10 tardies in a semester your grade drops one letter. If you are planning on
being absent for a family vacation, college visit, etc, let me know in advance complete your make up work and have
fun. YOU are responsible for making up the work you miss during tardies/absences. I will not remind you.
Cheating will earn you a zero on the assignment/test on which you cheated. If you purposefully give away your work
to cheaters you will also receive a zero. No makeup work will be given. Often times it is more difficult to cheat than
to learn. Just learn, it is more fun.
Letter of Recommendation Policy
Letters of recommendation are an important component of college admissions and I love writing letters of
recommendation for students who excel in my classes. However, these letters do take time and must be revised so
that I can make you sound as awesome as you are. Therefore I have developed some guidelines:
Ask me in person. Give me at least 7 full days of notice before the due date. Complete a one page resume in which
you answer the questions I am asked and include personal highlights you want me to hit upon. Give me all of the
paperwork with self-addressed and stamped envelopes. Don't ask me if you have proven unworthy in my classes.
Office Hours
Monday: 3:30-4:00 PM, Wednesday 7:30-8:00 AM, Friday 7:30-8:00AM and 3:30-4:00 PM or make an appointment
two days ahead of time.
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