Non-nasal sentences

1. I will purchase the vegetables for supper.
2. Bagels are Phillip's favorite food.
3. You are requested to stay here, Patricia.
4. Steve works at a very large store.
5. The subway fire caused great fright.
6. Jack always washes his face with soap.
7. Where do you wish to go?
8. He shouted loudly to the lady across the street.
9. The holidays passed altogether too quickly.
10. The picture of you is absolutely beautiful.
11. Who will give us the gist of this topic?
l2. What vegetables would you like to have at the party?
l3. She had to go back to school.
l4. How do you like your eggs cooked?
15. I saw her go out to greet Peter.
l6. Yesterday she wore a bright red suit with white shoes.
l7. The celebrity was happy to receive the key to the city.
l8. The girl was a popular Ohio State cheerleader.
19. The letter gave her a severe shock.
20. Food is so costly these days that it costs us $60 for a week's groceries.
21. He will be grateful to you for it.
22. There was too little variety of topics listed.
23. I had the watch repaired at the local jewelers.
24. The crawl stroke is easy to do.
25. This toothpaste is available at all reputable drug stores.
26. Tell her to be sure to address the parcels correctly.
27. The effects of alcohol are quite disastrous for drivers.
28. The college is situated here.
29. There will be a large art display at the state gallery this week.
30. The sailors had good weather throughout their voyage.
3l. We have to stay at the library to study effectively.
32. Is she very seriously hurt?
33. I'd like a table for two over by the fireplace.
34. The subdued lights threw weird shadows about the hall.
35. I would like to travel overseas this year.
36. Basketball develops athletic skill.
37. The gatekeeper told the picketers to go away.
38. Will you give this boy a piece of paper?
39. I walked up the stairway before he did.
40. At sea the air is oppressively sultry.
4l. We took the videotape to the class party.
42. Read your words aloud to the class.
43. Look before you leap or you'll fall up the stairs.
44. Good posture is a requisite to good speech.
45. The political party usually forgets its earlier pledges.
46. The library clerk is very polite.
47. Yes, I shall wait here for you.