First You Plan:

First You Plan: Now that you have identified the location for your vegetable garden (that will receive at least six hours of direct
sunlight) it is time to plan what you will have in your garden. Each table has a set of pictures of vegetables that are popular among
gardeners. Your task is to identify what vegetables you will have in your garden this year. Take time to discuss among your family
(i.e. individuals at your table or in your small group) what they would like have included in the garden you are planning. Below is a
table that has important factors to consider when you are making your plan. Complete the table as much as possible in the time that
you have. You can refer to Table 1. Vegetable Planting Guide which will contain information that will help you as you plan.
Space between
Space between
Yield per 50 ft.
Let’s Plan! Planning your vegetable garden. See Them Sprout Pg. 4
Amount of seed
or no. of plants
Depth to plant
Times to plant