Des Moines Register 09-15-06

Des Moines Register
Get it on! Paint your Cy, Hawk game face
What's in style this Saturday? A whole face full of paint.
Here are several designs worth emulating this weekend, created by Tracy Fuller
of Innovative Events Inc. and her father, Larry Schweizer. The two have years of
face-painting experience, including painting the faces of Iowa State Fair
Tips: Perhaps not quite as humiliating and heartbreaking as a football loss is the
streaky effect of face paint sweating off your face.
Fuller uses Liquitex Acrylic Colors, applied with a paintbrush to a clean face. The
paint, available at The Art Store in Des Moines, stays better than any face paint,
Fuller says.
It's a little more expensive than drugstore face paints; however, you'll only need a
few colors to do any of these designs.
Clean brushes with a cup of water when changing colors, or wet the brush if paint
is too thick. The paint dries in about three minutes.
Be careful of clothing while painting - this stuff won't come off fabric.
But at the end of the day, it can be removed with soap and water.
Go Cy! Fuller starts this Cyclone illustration with the black outline, then fills in the
cardinal red and then gold.
She recommends starting illustrations high on the cheek closer to the nose,
rather than the ear. "Otherwise they can't see it," she said.
Hawkeye tradition: This simple black Hawkeye symbol also works best if you
outline first. Go back in and fill it in later.
If you have trouble getting proportions right, try making or buying a stencil.
The full face: Start with the lighting bolt down the center, then fill in the swath of
background color.
When you're finished painting, add the word Iowa or ISU.