Bradford Tioga Head Start Lesson Plan
Activity: Mixing colors
Submitted By: Amy Geiser
Key Learning Area: Science
ELS Addressed: 2.3.2, 3.1c, 3.2a
Materials: plastic bottles, paint (blue, red, yellow), water, oil, glitter,
and glue (to put the top on so they can’t take it off later)
Procedures: Have the children gather around. Talk about what you
might use the bottle for and how we need to sometimes use them for
other then drinks and it is called recycling then. Add water to about
⅔ full. Have the kids talk about where water comes from and why it
is important that we take care of our water supply. Measure in a ¼
cup of oil and ask the children to predict what will happen when you
add the oil to the water. Write down their predictions. Add oil and
again ask the children what they saw happen. Shake it up and see
what happens.
Next have the children choose a color of paint you will use out of
red, blue, or yellow. Before adding the paint once again have the
children predict what they think will happen to the water, oil, and
paint. Add just a little at first to see what happens (should sink in
the bottom) add more if you want it darker. Put the top on and have
one of the children shake it to see the water change colors. Then
have the children choose another color and ask them to predict what
will happen to the water when you add the second color. Then add
the second color and let the children observe what happen. Once
again place the top on and let the children shake it. See what color
you have made. You may need to add more of one of the colors to
get the exact color you looking for. Add glitter or anything like that
just for decoration.
Next give each child their own bottle and let them do the same thing
you just did with their own. Let each child choose 2 colors to mix.
They will pour in the water; add the oil, the 2 colors of paint, and
glitter. When done glue the top on the bottles so they can not remove
it later.
Adaptations (if needed): You may need a funnel to help the children
pour water and paint into the bottle.

Mixing Colors - Bradford Tioga Head Start