Rivers erosion and transportation wks

Rivers - Erosion and transportation processes
Rivers erode and transport material as it flows from its source to its mouth.
Erosion of river material
Task: Match up the key terms with the correct definitions
Erosion process
a)Water hits the river bed and banks with such force that material is
dislodged and carried away. This is particularly important during
periods when the river’s discharge is high.
b)The material being carried away by a river is rubbed against the sides
and the floor of the channel. The ‘sandpaper’ action widens and deepens
the channel.
c)Minerals in the rocks forming the sides of the river channel are
dissolved by the water flowing past them.
d)Particles of material carried by the river become increasingly smaller
and rounder because they are constantly colliding with each other. This
process does not erode river channels and valleys.
Transportation of river material
Complete the diagram with the following 4 words: (1) saltation (2) solution
suspension (4) traction