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Chapter 18 Earth Science Word Study Erosion By Wind and Waves
Directions: Study the following words by reading and rereading them each
evening so you will be prepared for the word study test each week. You may
use one index card to write as many words and definitions on as possible to use
for the test. The card must written in ink, be in your handwriting, and have
your name, period, and chapter recorded in the top, right corner with no
obvious erasures or mark outs. If all the criteria are met, you may use your
index card during the test. It will then be stapled to your test.
1.) saltation – the movement of sand or other sediments by short jumps
and bounces that are caused by wind or water
2.) deflation – a form of wind erosion in which fine, dry soil particles are
blown away
3.) ventifact – any rock that is pitted, grooved or polished by wind erosion
4.) dune – a mound of wind-deposited sand that moves as a result of the
action of wind
5.) loess – fine-grained sediments of quartz, feldspar, hornblende, mica,
and clay deposited by the wind
6.) headland – a high and steep formation of rock that extends out from
shore into the water
7.) beach – an area of the shoreline that is made up of deposited sediment
8.) longshore current – a water current that travels near and parallel to the
9.) estuary – an area where fresh water from rivers mixes with salt water
from the ocean; the part of the river where the tides meet the river
10.) barrier island – a long ridge of sand or narrow island that lies parallel to
the shore
11.) lagoon – a small body of water separated from the sea by a low, narrow
strip of land