Most like to

Most likely to....
Normally there are three defined stages, or courses, to a river, the upper
course, middle course and lower course.
In pairs
Read the statements below and decide which course it is most likely to be
1. located in a V-shaped valley
2. have arable farming on its banks
3. be deep and wide
4. have small meanders
5. be situated in a large flat flood plain
6. have a shallow channel
7. be a fast flowing river
8. carry large amounts of sediment
9. have rough, angular stones and pebbles in its bedload
10. have dairy farming and forests by its sides
11. have waterfalls and rapids
12. be affected by the tides
13. have vertical erosion taking place
14. have lateral erosion taking place
15. be used by ferries and shipping
16. have water sports activities
17. be slow running but have lots of white water
18. have very clear water
your books
Put all the statements into a suitable river course. Perhaps in a table.
Choose 3 statements and explain your choice of river course.
Create 3 more statements of your own