Erosion Review -

Erosion Review
Mr. Portnoy’s Class
1. Explain what RADIATION is. (2)
2. Explain what CONVECTION is. (2)
3. Explain why the sky and the ocean appear blue. (2)
4. Explain what type of heat transfer takes place when:
a. Sand on the beach is hot in the afternoon. (1)
b. Your feet get hot when you are walking on the beach in your
bare feet. (1)
5. Explain the heat transfer when you put one hand in a bucket of ice
water, then put both hands together. (2)
6. Explain how a beach is made. (2)
7. Explain the process of EROSION as rain falls on the mountains. (5)
(Use the following words: precipitation, evaporation, downhill,
tributaries, erosion).
8. What two atmospheric conditions are required to make it rain? (2)
9. Why are there mudslides in the same area that just recently had a fire?
10.There is (more, less) deposition with a (fast, slow) moving river. (2)
11.What causes mountains to change shape? (1)
12.What does the term EROSION mean? (1)