Plessy v. Ferguson - West Ada School District


Civil Rights Heats Up

• Brown v. Board of

Education 1954

– Ruled that schools should be racially integrated

• Rosa Parks 1955

– Montgomery Bus


• Troops sent to

Little Rock, Ark.

Plessy v. Ferguson

• Louisiana had a law requiring separate R.R. cars.

• Adolph Plessy was 1/8 black and refused to ride in a colored car

• Supreme Court: this law did not violate the

14 th Amendment

• Upheld separate but equal.

Jim Crow Laws

• Laws aimed at separating the races

• States could not discriminate but individuals could do so privately

• Literacy, property requirements, and poll taxes held AA down.

African Americans go North

• Events of WWII set the stage for the Civil Rights


– Demand for soldiers

– 700,000 AA served in WWII.

– Returned from war to fight for their rights

Challenging Segregation in Court

• Charles Houston:

Howard U. prof that trained AA law students

– Focus on attacking public schools

• Thurgood Marshall:

NAACP lawyer that lead the charge

– Would become the 1 st

AA Supreme Court


Brown v. Board of Education

• Landmark case for

African Americans

• 9 year old AA girl was forced to travel 21 blocks from her house to an all AA school

• Went to the Supreme


– Ruled that segregation was unconstitutional

Resistance to School Integration

• Highly populated AA areas, segregation was still supported

– Whites were scared of losing control


– “Southern Manifesto”

• Denounced the “Brown” decision and called on states to resist

Crisis in Little Rock

• Racist school board and Governor

• “Little Rock 9”

– AA students that were to be the first to go to

Little Rock Cent. HS

• Ike ordered the U.S. military to escort the students in

– Broadcasted over t.v.

Montgomery Bus Boycott

• Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat to a white man

– Arrested

• 381 days, AA refused to ride the buses in


– Lead by Dr. King

• 1956, the S.C. outlawed bus segregation.

Dr. Martin Luther King

• Dr. King’s philosophy

– “Soul Force” or nonviolent resistance

– Civil disobedience

– Demonstrations

– Adherence to nonviolence

SNCC and Sit-ins

• Student Nonviolent


Committee (SNCC)

Sit-ins: AA protestors would sit down at a segregated lunch counter and not leave until they were served.

• Spread form N. – S.