Honors US History

Honors US History
Chapter 23 Reading Outline
Class Period:
Due Date: Tuesday April 29 , 2014
Below, I have provided a framework for the Chapter 23 outline. You are responsible for filling in the outline
with 1-2 sentences per section, explaining the importance of each section, until the entire chapter is fully
outlined. Your Chapter 23 Quiz, which will be on Tuesday April 29th. *** Remember, if there is a boldfaced or italicized vocabulary word, it should always be included in the explanation of the section in
which it appears!!!! NOTE: You may use this outline when taking your quiz on Chapter 23!
CHAPTER 23: The Civil Rights Movement (1945-1975)
I. Section 1: Early Demands for Equality
A. Segregation Divides America
1. Jim Crow Laws Limit African Americans (de jure segregation)
2. Segregation Prevails Around the Nation (de facto segregation)
3. The Civil Rights Movement Grows
B. Brown v. Board of Education
1. The NAACP Challenges Segregation
2. The Court Strikes Down Segregated Schools
3. Reaction to Brown
C. Federal and State Governments Clash
1. A Conflict Erupts in Little Rock
2. Congress passes a Civil Rights Law (Civil Rights Act of 1957)
D. The Montgomery Bus Boycott
1. Rosa Parks Launches a Movement
2. Martin Luther King Urges Nonviolence
3. Ministers Form the SCLC
II. Section 2: The Movement Gains Ground
A. Student Activists Make a Difference
1. Sit-ins Challenge Segregation
2. SNCC Promotes Nonviolent Protest
B. Riding For Freedom
1. Freedom Riders Face Angry Mobs
2. President Kennedy Takes Action
C. Protests and Confrontations Intensify
1. Meredith Integrates the University of Mississippi
2. King Campaigns in Birmingham
3. Kennedy Backs Civil Rights
D. The Movement Marches on Washington
E. Congress Passes the Civil Rights Act of 1964
III. Section 3: New Successes and Challenges
A. The Push for Voting Rights
1. SNCC Stages Freedom Summer
2. Marching on Selma
3. New Legislation Guarantees Voting Rights (Voting Rights Act of 1965)
B. Frustration Explodes into Violence
1. Racial Violence Plagues Cities
2. The Kerner Commission Seeks the Cause
C. New Voices for African Americans
1. Malcolm X Offers a Different Vision
2. Young Leaders Call for Black Power
3. Militants Form the Black Panthers
D. Martin Luther King’s Final Days
E. Significant Gains and Controversial Issues
1. Civil Rights are Advanced
2. Controversial Issues Remain