Chapter 27 Reading Guide

Chapter 27
Topic/Objective: Walking into Freedom Land: The Civil
Rights Movement 1941-1973
Essential Question(s): How did liberalism reaching its apex, generate a variety of political and cultural responses?
(Key Concept 8.2)
The Emerging Civil Rights Struggle, 1941-1957
What two tracks did the Civil Rights Movement follow?
Jim Crow
Life Under Jim Crow
Social, Political and Economic forms of segregation in the South:
Forms of Northern racial segregation:
Freedoms found in the North:
Origins of the Civil Rights Movement
Influence of WWII on the movement:
Growth of urban black middle class:
Role of white labor leaders:
Brotherhood of Sleeping
Car Porters
Executive Order 8802
A. Phillip Randolph (who was he and what did his actions show about white leaders and
Executive Order 8802
Fair Employ. Practices
Commission (FEPC)
Why did FDR issue Executive Order 8802?
Pittsburgh Courier
The Double V Campaign
Double V Campaign
Congress of Racial
Equality (CORE)
Factory strife resulting from the Double V Campaign
FOR and CORE philosophy and roots:
Cold War Civil Rights
Jackie Robinson
Why did many African Americans join the Democratic party during the New Deal? (Think back
to Ch. 23)
“To Secure These Rights”
Civil Rights and the New Deal Coalition
Why did Truman support civil rights?
“To Secure These Rights”
States’ Rights Democratic
Strom Thurmond
Dixiecrats and the potential split in the Democrat party:
Race and Anticommunism
How did the Cold War appear to strengthen the civil rights movement?
How did the Cold War appear to weaken the civil rights movement?
Mexican Americans and Japanese Americans
Significance of Mendez v. Westminster School District
American GI Forum
Japanese American Citizens League (JACL)
Fighting for Equality Before the Law
Where did activists look to gain breakthroughs for civil rights legislation?
Thurgood Marshall
Why did southern African Americans look more towards the court system to further their
cause than the North did?
Smith v. Allwright
McLaurin v. Oklahoma
Brown V. Board of Education
What previous court case did Brown v. Board of Education overturn?
Brown v. Board of
Education of Topeka
What potential problem can you see with the phrase “with all deliberate speed”?
How did white southerners show resistance to the Brown decision?
Orval Faubus
Little Rock Crisis significance; what did it show?
Looking Backward: What other previous event have we studied that you could compare to the
Little Rock Crisis and the interaction between federal and state power?
Forging a Protest Movement, 1955-1965
What major change can we see in the civil rights movement post-Brown case?
Nonviolent Direct Action
Effects of the Emmett Till case
Montgomery Bus Boycott
Montgomery Bus Boycott
Effects of the Montgomery Bus Boycott
Southern Christian
Leadership Conference
Importance of churches in the civil rights movement
Greensboro Sit-ins
Why did the Greensboro Sit-Ins mark a new phase in the civil rights movement?
Student Nonviolent
Coordinating Committee
Ella Baker and SNCC
Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee
Freedom Rides
Goal of the Freedom Rides
Freedom Rides
What did civil rights leaders learn from the violence of the Freedom Rides?
Legislating Civil Rights, 1963-1965
What lessons did activists learn from the evolution of the civil rights movement between
“Letter from Birmingham
The Battle for Birmingham
Why did Kennedy get involved and promise a new civil rights bill?
Medgar Evers
March on Washington
The March on Washington and the Civil Rights Act
March on Washington
Civil Rights Act of 1964
Civil Rights Act of 1964
Freedom Summer
Freedom Summer
Mississippi Freedom
Democratic Party (MFDP)
Voting Rights Act of 1965
Fannie Lou Hamer
Selma and the Voting Rights Act
Selma and “Bloody Sunday”
Effects of the Voting Rights Act on politics
24th Amendment
Why did many southern whites and northern conservatives switch from the Democratic party
to the Republican party?
Beyond Civil Rights, 1966-1973
Describe the change that many civil rights activists started to follow in 1966-1973
Black nationalism
Black Nationalism
How could black nationalism be reflected in different ways?
Nation of Islam
Malcolm X
What ideas did Malcolm X preach?
Black Power
Stokely Carmichael
What issues did Black Power turn their focus to?
What cultural shifts can we see resulting from Black Power?
Black Panther Party
Young Lords Organization
Black Panther Party
Beliefs and goals of lack Panthers
Young Lords
Goals of the Young Lords Party
The New Urban Politics
How did African Americans gain a bigger role in politics?
Poverty and Urban Violence
Kerner Commission Report
To what areas did MLK Jr. expand his vision?
United Farm Workers
Rise of the Chicano Movement
What were Cesar Chavez’s goals?
Unique concerns to Mexican Americans
La Raza Unida
American Indian Movement The American Indian Movement
Problems facing American Indians
Successes of AIM
Summary: (Use guiding questions)
Answer Essential Question:
Identify the characteristics, goals, strategies, and support for each phase of the Civil Rights Movement (1941-1957; 19551965; 1966-1975).